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Apply to be a Scribe

So You Want to Be a Scribe!

Who is a scribe?

A scribe is someone who follows a physician in the emergency department, office, or on rounds in the hospital and enters the history and physical exam into the electronic medical record as obtained by the physician. The scribe assists the physician in gathering data, such as reports, from the lab or radiology, and helps push these back to the physician when completed, so that he/she may then decide on further treatment or disposition of the patient. The scribe may need to enter orders for the physician under direct supervision and may assist in the completion of discharge ‘paperwork.’

A scribe is expected to enhance the physician’s productivity by contemporaneously recording the physician’s interactions with the patient.

A scribe has some experience or deep interest in the medical field.

Use these links to learn more about scribing – OR – to access a job application form: