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All of our courses have a required textbook, Medical Scribe’s Guide. If you are taking one of our academies the book will be provided on the first day of class and is included in the $55 course fee. If you are taking our course through a local university or college, it is available for purchase on¬†Amazon.

Below are recommended study materials for you to review prior to beginning any of our medical scribe courses or training sessions. Familiarity with this material is strongly encouraged if you do not have medical terminology experience. Although reviewing this information is not mandatory, students that are familiar with the provided content will find the scribe course or training less overwhelming and will perform better in the class or training.

Here is a list of common medical terms that you may encounter as a scribe. This list is not specific to a certain area of speciality, rather, it is designed to give you a broad range of valuable terms. Definitions are not included in this list. Check out the Medical Dictionary for each term’s meaning.

For more structured study, we suggest this free online medical terminology course.