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ABC Scribes is actively seeking candidates with weekday, daytime availability. 

Our organization requires that all candidates complete a medical scribing course to be considered for hire. We offer two training routes.

Training Route A | Scribe Academy

The first training option is to take our scribe academy. The academy is only offered to ABC Scribes employees. To be offered a spot in our academy, you must first offered a position and be hired by ABC Scribes. To be considered for employment, view our current job openings and submit an employment application. Before beginning an application, please note that ABC Scribes requires a one-year employment commitment for full-time employees or a two-year employment commitment for part-time employees. Visit our FAQ’s page for answers to other common questions.

Training Route B | For-Credit Course

The second training option is to take our for-credit course at one of the local educational institutions listed below. This is open to anyone, regardless if you plan on applying for employment at ABC Scribes. Successful completion of a for-credit course does not guarantee employment. You must have availability that matches our current job openings in addition to a successful job interview. We will make interviews offers at the conclusion of each course.

Which Route Should I Take?
If you are seeking employment now and have availability that matches our current job openings, take Training Route A. If you are looking for college credit OR not looking for a scribe position with ABC Scribes immediately, take Training Route B. 

University of Dayton Students: UDI 277

“Medical Documentation in the EMR Age and the Medical Scribe.”  This course is given each semester partly on the UD campus and partly at our scribe training sites. It is 15 sessions, three hours once a week on Mondays from 5:15 pm to 8:15 pm during the semester. Watch your UD catalog for details. The course is for-credit, pass/fail, and paid for through your regular tuition.

Wright State University Students:  SM 1990-05 

WSU hosts our course on “Medical Documentation and Scribing.” It runs 15 weeks during the regular semester from 5:15 pm to 8:15 pm on Wednesdays. The course is pass/fail and paid for through your regular tuition.To register for the next class, contact Harolynn Williams, M. S. Ed in the Pre-Health Department at harolynn.williams@wright.edu or call that office at 937-775-3180. Class will be held in 264 Brehm Lab for the first class and off-site thereafter at the Kettering Network training facility in Miamisburg (near the Dayton Mall).

Kettering College Students: KETC 120/320

“Topics in Healthcare – Medical Scribing” is offered from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Thursdays. The course is pass/fail and paid for through your regular tuition. Please sign up for future offerings of this course through the Kettering College registration process.

Sinclair Community College Students: ALH 1252

You have two for-credit options at Sinclair. The first is to add ALH 1252, “Medical Scribe Practice” as an elective to your current Allied Health course schedule. The second option is to specialize in medical scribing by pursuing a short-term technical certificate, Medical Scribe MS.S.STC. The course and/or certificate is paid for through your regular tuition. Both routes provide equal qualifications to begin a career as a medical scribe. Check with the Department of Allied Health for details.

Miami University Students

We currently do not offer a for-credit course at Miami University. Until a course is offered on your campus, we invite you to attend our Scribe Academy at Fort Hamilton Hospital (FHH). If you are interested, please view our current job openings and submit an employment application.

Other Local Students 

We currently do not offer courses at your educational institutions. Until training is offered on your campus, we invite you to view our current job openings and submit an employment application. Please contact us with any questions you may have on becoming a medical scribe as part-time work or as a new profession.  Weekday daytime availability is preferred but not required.