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Meet Your Medical Scribe

Accurately charting physician-patient encounters in real-time is just the beginning of an ABC Scribes’ services. Think of a scribe as a physician’s partner in documentation to achieve greater productivity. In addition to completing patient charts, our scribes offer a variety of non-clinical services. ABC Scribes eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks to allow more time for physicians to focus on what matters, medical decision making and delivering quality patient care.

What a medical scribe may do

Complete Accurate Charts
Communication Point
Data Mining

What a scribe may not do

Infer or Assume
Interact Directly with a Patient

Why ABC Scribes?

ABC Scribes is a locally owned and operated company serving Dayton, Ohio. We know our clients by name and do not pitch a “one size fits all” service model. Our management team meets with clients in person to develop a strategy on providing services that best fit your needs. Every service plan is developed specifically for each client. ABC is dedicated to providing medical scribes that have not only excelled in our rigorous core curriculum and training, but also have had additional personalized training in their area of placement. Our organization has experience working in a variety of medical settings and knows how to manage the various rules and regulations that come with each clinical setting. 

How To Get Started

Fill out the form below and we will schedule a consultation. A member of our management team will come to your practice to meet with office managers and medical personnel to ensure we have a clear understanding of the needs of your practice and its operation. From there, ABC will develop a comprehensive service plan and provide additional practice-specific training to our scribes.

Scribes will be trained to meet your exact specifications for documenting within your electronic medical record. To ensure you have scribes that will seamlessly fit into your practice, it may take up to six months or more to hire and train scribes. Once we are confident that the scribe has mastered the skills needed for your practice, they will begin working on location with unique scrubs.  We try to keep the number of scribes that you work with to a minimum.  Due to our scribes frequently being students, there may be sharing of hours amongst several scribes. This is true especially in the emergency department environment where hours are irregular.

Contact Us

Kelly Schulte
Director of Operations 

Proven Results

Below are various third party publications outlining how medical scribes are becoming essential members of a patient care team as well as how various medical care settings were transformed after using scribes.

Scribes are Giving Doctors Needed Relieffeatured in Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Medical scribes are becoming a regular member of the patient’s care team alongside nurses, physician assistants and techs with an estimated 100,000 medical scribes employed by 2020.

Impact of Scribes on Patient Interaction, Productivity and Revenue in a Cardiology Clinic: a Prospective Study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Scientific analysis has demonstrated the effectiveness of medical scribes in an outpatient clinical setting. The study concludes improved physician–patient interaction,markedly increased physician productivity, CV revenue, physician job satisfaction, EMR adoption rate, patient access to care and the decreased cost of delivering patient care.

Are Medical Scribes Worth the Investment?featured in Becker’s Hospital Review.

This article is filled with notable statics of a study that measured the success of medical scribes in two emergency departments. Some of the most notable figure include: 8.5% improvement in average patients per hour, 72.5% improvement in down-coded charts and 14.8% improvement in average RVU per hour. Overall, scribes are measured to increase productivity of a physician by 20%.


What hours will scribes be available?

Do I need to commit to a certain number of hours to use the service?

How are scribes paid and how am I billed?

Is there a dress code for scribes?

Does ABC Scribes monitor performance?

What are scribes allowed to do?

What may scribes not do?